Communication Sampling and Analysis
Marilyn Jean Buzolich, Diane Barnes Russell, Judith Lunger-Bergh & Deborah Burns-McCloskey 2011

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Communication Sampling & Analysis (CSA) Refund Policy

Important Membership Information-Please read before joining CSA
Refund Policy for CSA Members

Membership on CSA gives you access to all the electronic documents (CSA Manual, Quick Start Guide, Directions on How to Collect a Sample, Communication Sampling Form, and extensive coded examples for Behavior Regulation, Social Interaction, and Joint Attention acts). All of these electronic documents can not be physically returned.

Communication Sampling and Analysis can be done with or without the web-based application. However, the analysis is much quicker if done on the CSA web-based application. Therefore, for these reasons, we do not offer a refund for membership.

Once the transaction is completed, the membership is active for 1 calendar year or 15 communication samples entered on the site (whichever comes first).



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